Breaking the Norms: The Ultimate Benefit of Going Braless

Girls, we’re going braless. 

It’s not a popular opinion that bras are annoying. It’s a fact. If you love the pleasure of removing  your bra after a long day out, you’re not alone. There’s no denying that you feel more  comfortable without a bra. 

While going out braless is getting widely popular in Western countries, it’s still a hot debate in  the local scene. For cultural reasons, it’s very uncommon to see braless women in public. And  that’s because of the two small raised flesh in the center of the chest: nipples. 

Elderlies will tell you, “Dress appropriately. People will look at your nipples.” But truth be told,  the way your breasts sit in your chest isn’t your fault. It’s totally natural. One shouldn’t worry  about going outside and enjoying the day without the discomfort of underwires and bra straps. 

Believe it or not, going braless can make you feel better. And here are four main reasons  why you should try it too: 

1. It doesn’t cause sagging 

Contrary to popular belief, there’s no strong evidence that leaving your bra behind can cause  sagging, which is the loss of skin elasticity in the breast area. In fact, it’s due to various factors  such as aging, genetics, and lifestyle. 

2. It improves your overall health 

You read it right. Wearing a tight bra obstructs the blood circulation below your chest, that’s why  some women feel pain and discomfort. As a remedy, going braless is a good solution if you need to better your blood circulation. Plus, it reduces your chances of getting breast cancer. In  case your breast needs support, it’s fine to wear underwire bras, but only for a few hours. 

In a study on brassiere wearing and its correlation to breast cancer risk, it showed that wearing  bra for more than twelve hours and sleeping with a bra on, and incorrect bra wearing have a  significant association with breast cancer. 

3. You save money 

Honestly, having a self-care session from time to time can be expensive. And in today’s  economy, we have to prioritize where we spend our money. Nobody woke up when they were  eleven and wished to have boobs. So, why stress yourself in buying bras that annoy you if you  can spend it on something else, like high-quality clothing? 

4. It uplifts your self-confidence 

That’s what liberation exactly means. If you have the freedom to go braless, then everything  follows. If you’re at home most of the time, start going braless at home. Challenging the norms  can feel fantastic, and it’s a kind of empowerment that gives comfort in many ways. 

But it’s totally fine if you are unable to let go of your bras. Just make sure that they fit correctly  and you feel better wearing them. 

Now if you decide to go braless but are worried that judgmental people will bother you, feel free  to wear outfits that have thick material or start investing in padded tops. Yes, padded tops will  be your new bestie if you hate bras! 

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Until then, say goodbye to those annoying straps and underwires. It’s okay to ignore the social  expectations that negatively affect you. Remember, a Loria lady is a woman who breaks the  norms. 

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