5 Ways to be More Stylish with Loria


Put a finger down if you once wore a cute top but suddenly decided not to go with it. Especially if you need to facade your elegant self, deciding on an outfit can be frustrating and stressful. Just thinking if you picked the wrong top already eats up your time at home. And tbh, you are not alone.

From choosing the right color of your clothes, nothing feels better than knowing how to style yourself. Whether you want to impress someone or express yourself, your outfit shouldn’t give you a headache. Besides, you have to look exceptionally pretty because you know you’ll be sharing several IG stories. 

If this is your first time checking us out, find out below exactly how to style the Loria way, from padded tops to knitted arm sweaters. 

  1. Go chic with Olivia crop blazer + skirt + stilettos 

blazer and skirt coordinates

Photo by mianahjra/Instagram 

Becoming a certified tita is to attend formal events that require you to wear a suit and stilettos. And thanks to shoulder pads, this set gives the illusion of broader shoulders that shows authority. Meanwhile, wear this style if you want to portray yourself as someone who figured things out. And if you're in the mood to be playful, layer with a bandeau or tube top. 

  1. Stay sassy with Olivia crop blazer + skirt + sneakers
olivia crop blazer skirt coordinates and rubber shoes

Photo by biancsfuentes/Instagram 

Are high heels not your thing and instead, you want to facade the child in you? Use the same blazer and button-up skirt, however, fashion them with a pair of sneakers. Not only does this grant you a casual style, but this simple monochromatic look will not fail you if you’re going to take a long walk in a park. 

  1. Be elegant with Olivia crop blazer + loose-fitting trousers 

crop blazer top and printed trousers

Photo by itscolleenmatti/Instagram

As timeless as it seems, this style balances your silhouette with the crop blazer from the Olivia set. Baggy trousers are your best bet if you prefer wearing pants and plan to appear more professional. And voila, it’s easy to stay cozy while rocking a classy look. 

  1. Take the heat with Shaina one shoulder top + denim shorts

white one shoulder padded top

Photo by nichallanigue/Instagram 

Sure, the Philippine weather is unforgiving. But that shouldn’t stop you from staying en vogue. If you’re in the mood to show off some skin, be unapologetic and go for padded tops. They’re effortlessly cute and comfy. Plus, they save you time by going braless. Since it’s easy to style with, feel free to match it with your go-to denim shorts, and then you’re good to go. 

  1. Look trendy with Kyla knitted arm sweater + ripped jeans

kyla knitted arm warmer with black tank top and jeans

Photo by anne.knownn/Instagram 

Let’s admit it. There is something so fascinating with arm sweaters that you would love to own one. This weird yet captivating trend in fashion is your top choice when you want to experiment on your apparel. Style it with a sleeveless top and ripped jeans, and get ready for folks to stare at you while you’re walking down the streets of BGC. 

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